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Informix or Client SDK install: No Java virtual machine could be found

This is a something of a note to self. For some time it has been been the case that you may see this message when attempting an Informix server or Client SDK install if there is a problem starting the installer’s Java runtime environment:

Intermittent “CSM: authentication error” with JDBC

This article will only concern you if:

  • you connect using JDBC.
  • you use simple password encryption.

Simple password encryption just does one thing: it encrypts the password sent to the database server in transit preventing it from being obtainable by network packet sniffing.

At the client end configuring simple password encryption can be done simply by adding
to your JDBC connection string.

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12.10.xC8 and rolling upgrades / 12.10.xC8 e rolling upgrades

Something in english about the article (original version here:

English version

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String truncate. Column level Encryption / Corte de strings. Encriptação de colunas

Truncation of strings and it's impact on column level encryption (original version here:

English version

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Informix Newsletter Q4 (Dezember) 2016

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe:

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Informix 12.10.xC8 is out! / Informix 12.10.xC8 saíu!

What's new in Informix 12.10.xC8 fixpack (original version here:

English version
And a new fixpack sees the daylight! This time is version 12.10.xC8. Contrary to the previous one, I think this one brings some exciting news. As usual here's the official list from the documentation but with my own comments:

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Informix functionality demo / Demo de funcionalidades Informix

If you want to see the power and versatility of Informix, check the video mentioned in this post (original version here:

English version

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INFORMIXDIR and files configuration / INFORMIXDIR e configuração de ficheiros

Setting up INFORMIXDIR and instance files, specially in a cluster configuration (original version here:

English version

Buffer waits

Is it really a year since I last wrote a blog post? It does mean I have had time to think of a few topics to write about.

Recently a desk visitor came to me at work about a performance issue. From what he said I got the impression that he thought that DBAs spend most of their time tuning SQL queries, something I spent little time on during a typical day, perhaps one of the advantages of working on a mature system.

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ixtempuse news / novidades sobre o ixtempuse

Some slight changes in ixtempuse script (original version here:

English version