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Quick online access to "finderr"

Informix has a very nice utility called "finderr" that takes an SQL error code and returns a meaningful message describing the problem. oninit have made a nice online utility available on their website, making it easy to access "finderr" messages using your PDA or smartphone.

Simply go to error number &GT where the error number is the positive number.

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IOD Report: conclusion

IOD 2008 is now over. as I mentioned in my blog during the conference, there was a lot of interesting content. And that was just in the Informix track. Many other sessions in other tracks are relevant to Informix since we can use Informix with the other Information management products. Now, if I only had the time to go over all the sessions to see what's interesting...

Overall, this was a great conference to attend for the sessions and for the interactions with customers, partners, and IBMers.

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IOD 2008 Conference report

Waiting at McCarran airport in a contemplative frame of mind for a flight back to Portland afforded some time to reflect on the recently completed IOD 2008 conference..

Sadly I did not get to attend as many talks or keynotes as I would have liked to this week, having had multifarious
activities to work on or prepare for every day, but the main themes of the
conference for me were...

Virtualization and Virtual Worlds

We announced the IDS 11.50 Developer Edi

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New Features in IDS 11.50.xC3

Fernando Nunes has a summary of new features at his blog. Some cool stuff I like the sound of:

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New Features in IDS 11.50.xC3

Fernando Nunes has a summary of new features at his blog. Some cool stuff I like the sound of:

  • Implementation of SAVEPOINTsSAVEPOINTS are an SQL standard that allows the programmer to establish some points after the begin of a transaction to where he can ROLLBACK. Imagine that you're running a batch file, processing several customers in a FOREACH cycle. You may want to do all the customers as a unit, so you would COMMIT at the end.

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IOD report #5

Thursday was a busy day for me. I was giving two presentations. One on Java best practice with IDS and another one about the Retail Integration Framework with WebSphere Remote Server. I also had one hour scheduled for "meet the expert".

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11.50.xC3: another pack of features...

IBM has just made available IDS 11.50.xC3. Traditionally, fix packs include bug fixes and eventually some minor improvements. I believe the concept of "minor" may have to be revised when it comes to IDS fix packs. Let's see what the good fellows of R&D decided to put into this release:

  • MAX OS X improvements:
    • Silent installation
    • Ability to create Data Source Names (DSN)
  • Enterprise Replication improvements:
    • Dynamically change Enterprise Replication (ER) configuration parameters in the Onconfig file

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IOD report #4

Cows can detect odors up to 5 miles away.

You can learn all sorts of interesting facts at IOD...

I went to a presentation titled: "Taking replication to the terabyte level at Fonterra". They are a dairy company that exports milk to more than 140 countries and territories worldwide. They recently completed a project with the help of the oninit IBM Informix partner.

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More IOD pics

This time, they're from Terri Gerber.

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Getting DBD::Informix to work on Mac OS X

Courtesy of Clive Eisen at Hildebrand:

#First download perl source - I used 5.10.0

#untar or unzip as required

#cd into the perlsourcedir/hints and

rm -f


rsync rsync:// .

#This gets the bleeding edge darwin hints file that finally supports a

64 bit build on OSX

cd ..

./Configure -Dcc='cc -m64' -Duse64bitall -des

make && make test && make install