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Another great photo from IOD 2008!

(And Christy already had her shoes off! :-)

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IDS Install issues on Mac

I've uploaded Carlton Doe's document on how to work around the issues installing IDS on Mac OS X. It can be found here.

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IDS on Mac Install Issues

I've uploaded Carlton Doe's document on how to work around the issues installing IDS on Mac OS X. It can be found here.

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Too many subjects...

Yes... Fortunately it's true: I can't keep up with everything that's been hapening....
In this post I'll mix a lot of topics. They've been covered elsewhere, but for the record, a few comments:

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IOD Kick-off

The IOD conference has started, with Customer Advisory Council meetings on Saturday, Business Development Day on Sunday, and a welcome reception last night with free flowing food and drink.

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The Informix Data Champions

Congratulations to the new Informix data champions. This is a new program designed to honor individuals who put their time and energy, uncompensated, into the data management community, running newsgroups, forums, blogs, user groups, and speaking at conferences.

Looking at the list of Informix winners I see a very deserving group of people.

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Improvements to the Informix Information Centre

From Jacques Roy:

There was one (non-confidential) thing that I did not know about that I think everyone should know about: The improvements on the Information center.

If you go to the information center at: you will find two new things in the welcome screen:

# Subscribe to the information center updates (RSS feed)

# download the new search plugin

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IOD2008 report #1

It is finally here: The information on demand conference.

It started Saturday with the Informix Customer Advisory Council (CAC) meeting. The CAC is a set of customers that get together with the Informix development team to discuss different aspects of the products and their directions. The meeting was full of interesting information, most presentations included the word "confidential" at the bottom of each slide... Makes sense for presentations that talk about roadmaps and future features.

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Are you a Data Champion?

Technical communities, Web sites, books, conference speakers and blogs all contribute to the success of IBM’s Data Management products. But these activities don’t run themselves. Behind the scenes there are dedicated and loyal individuals who put in their own time to run user groups, manage community Web sites, speak at conferences, post to forums and write blogs. Their time is uncompensated.

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Book Review: Administering Informix Dynamic Server

Sitting on a flight to Las Vegas for the IOD conference affords an oportunity to tear myself
away from the laptop and
turn my attention to Carlton Doe's new book: Administering
Informix Dynamic Server - Building the Foundation

    Carlton Doe book

I should start by admitting a bias.