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UKIUG meeting details

Date: 13th November 2008

Venue: The Tythe Barn, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Event: Informix Community Event – Stay Informed

If you develop solutions around Informix, or are an end user with Informix in your business you should attend this event.

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Blogging from the GDC 2008 event, Austin

The GDC 2008 kicked off Monday Sept 15. The exhibit floor seemed very familiar to what I saw in 2007 in terms of technology platforms and vendors, some of the prominent vendor exhibits being Icarus Studios, BigWorld, Simutronics, Multiverse and of course many of the service providers were present – like Vivox and Aria systems.

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The Informix Lightweight Installer

Last week a new tool known as the Informix Lightweight Installer was uploaded to the IIUG software repository. In a nutshell it is designed to help with embedding IDS on Windows platforms by allowing a pre-configured IDS instance to be deployed via a simple command line interface.

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IIUG 2008 survey: again, time to speak up!

International Informix Users Group ( IIUG ) has put up another user survey where you can classify several proposed IDS new features. You can also name other features not specified in the survey.
Please note, that the fact that the presented features are available for voting doesn't necessarily mean they're being implemented. But your feedback is very important and IIUG will take it to R&D.

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IOD 2008 is coming!

It seemed so far away and now it is almost here: IOD 2008 in Las Vegas October 26 to October 31. There are even some meetings on October 25th.

I'll be there of course. I am delivering two presentations:

  • Java Best Practice with IDS
    Thursday Oct 30, 8:30am - 9:30am, Mandalay Bay - Tradewinds C
  • IDS and the Retail Integration Framework, including WebSphere Remote Server
    Thursday Oct 30, 10:00am-11:00am. Mandalay Bay - Coral A
  • I also participate in the "Meet the experts" sessions. These sessions occur almost constantly throughout the conference.

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    Community day: October 1 - What and why?

    This post should have been written a few days ago, but as usual, time is precious and never enough...

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    The Great database debate –What’s the deal ?

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    IOD 2008 certification and pre-conference class information

    Here is some pre-conference training and certification information for anyone thinking about attending the IOD conference in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay, Oct 26-31). For the training, four of tech support's finest join forces to offer a troubleshooting course which promises a high factor of usefulicity..

    Free Certification Testing at IOD


    Take advantage of free professional certification testing for Information Management, WebSphere, SOA, XML, Tivoli, and Rational software while at the conference.

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    Cloud Computing

    Lately, I've heard a lot about cloud computing. It starts with fast networks and technologies such as Mashups and REST interface. A mashup allows you to take information and processing coming from different sources and put them together to provide a new application and new insights based on the data manipulation.

    REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is a way to access data, possibly through a web service, using the HTTP protocol (Web server protocol). This makes it simpler than using the SOA SOAP interface.

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    Demos? Yes... we have them

    There have been a lot of discussions on public newsgroups about the lack of nice and flashy IBM Informix demos. The truth is, IBM has them, but as so many other stuff it may be hard to find in the IBM website. So I decided to ease up your searches. Please follow this steps:

    1. Access IBM TV
    2. On the right side, there is a list of a lot of media titles. Scroll down until you find several Informix titles which include: