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Are you a Data Champion?

Technical communities, Web sites, books, conference speakers and blogs all contribute to the success of IBM’s Data Management products. But these activities don’t run themselves. Behind the scenes there are dedicated and loyal individuals who put in their own time to run user groups, manage community Web sites, speak at conferences, post to forums and write blogs. Their time is uncompensated.

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Book Review: Administering Informix Dynamic Server

Sitting on a flight to Las Vegas for the IOD conference affords an oportunity to tear myself
away from the laptop and
turn my attention to Carlton Doe's new book: Administering
Informix Dynamic Server - Building the Foundation

    Carlton Doe book

I should start by admitting a bias.

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Lightweight Installer updated

It's been great to see people downloading and trying the Lightweight installer Windows deployment tool. As a result of some excellent feedback a new version has been uploaded to the IIUG Software Repository. Here is the change notification:

    A new version of the Informix Lightweight installer is available with 3 fixes:
    1. A problem creating the informix user on domain machines
    2. The -unzip command was not being executed

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Activity in the Informix team

I can obviously not go into too much detail, but I'd like to highlight some of the activity that is happening in the world of Informix in IBM.

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Interesting and annoying

I just discovered that IE6 formats tabs differently to Mozilla and IE7, which is why, if you use IE6, the previous post appeared so badly formatted.

Lesson learned!

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Chat with the Lab - solidDB and Informix

A commonplace requirement for embedded database environments such as those in the telecommunications and financial industries is real time reaction to high speed (sub-millisecond), high volume events. IDS has a key ally in this area in the form of solidDB.

To find out more about how Solid can work with IDS attend the next Chat with the Lab where Ari Valtanen will talk about the solidDB in-memory cache.

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The Informix virtual appliance

The first Informix Developer Edition virtual appliance is now available to download from IBM.

    IDS 11.50 virtual appliance

We see a lot of interest in running IDS on virtual machines, and for the first time a self-contained pre-configured virtual machine image containing IDS 11.50 Developer Edition can be downloaded for free.

This appliance has many potential uses. It is a self-contained development environment containing Data Studio and various API's.

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Informix at VendorRate

If you follow some Informix blogs, groups or sites, you probably already know that Informix earned Top Customer Satisfaction Score on VendorRate survey in Q3. If you're into press releases you can learn more at Business Wire. If you prefer to check the report directly you can find it here.

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Informix is loved!

Criteria           Score   Satisfaction Level
Recommend          9.4     Exceptional
Integrity          9.3     Exceptional
Communication      8.7     Exceptional
Timeliness         9.0     Exceptional
Usability          9.4     Exceptional
Reliability        9.7     Exceptional
Customer Service   8.6     Exceptional
Budget             8.4     Exceptional
Expertise          9.2     Exceptional
Effectiveness      9.5     Exceptional

From here.

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Informix Earns Top Customer Satisfaction Score in Q3

Business Wire has a report on a Q3 technology vendor performance today survey that puts Informix in the lead for satisfaction, with a rating of 91, five points ahead of the next best (VMWare and CDW).

Read the announcement which includes the link to the full report here: Informix Earns Top Customer Satisfaction Score on VendorRate in Q3.

Here is an excerpt..