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Random Informix Ramblings goes multi-user

Consulting IT Specialist and general bon vivant Spokey Wheeler somehow managed to evade the rigorous background checks and start his own developerWorks blog: Random Informix Ramblings.

As elucidated in his first post he hopes to "encourage various luminaries in the Informix developer and partner community who do not already have Informix blogs to use this as a place to share their knowledge, wisdom and talent with everyone".

Adam Hattrell from UK Database Support has taken the challenge and written

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For Starters…

Now I flat out will let you know that I am not an expert on all things about virtual worlds and MMOGs. But I do know a thing or two about databases :-) . And I do know about game data and some of the challenges and requirements for their management.

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Welcome to my real blog on all things virtual!

Wow, I finally got here ! As Buzz Lightyear would have said it – To blogosphere and beyond !!

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IDS 11.50xC2: new features

If you follow up some Informix related blogs and sites you probably already noticed that the latest IDS 11.50xC2 includes some surprises. Both Guy Bowerman and Eric Herbert mentioned it on their webpages.

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Installing IDS on Mac OS X

If you're thinking of installing IDS 11.50.FC2 on Mac OS X make sure you read the excellent developerWorks article: Demystifying the Informix Database bundle (IDS and CSDK) installation on Mac OS X by PJ To and Ranjani Bettadahalli. It's a very accessible article that tells you what you need to know about the installation mechanism, and takes you through step by step with screen shots.

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What's good about 11.50.xC2

I've been putting IDS 11.50.xC2 though its paces this week and it has been a pleasure to see a few long standing usability issues addressed, particularly on Windows. For everyone who uses IDS on Windows I strongly recommend upgrading to 11.50.xC2. In this post I'll mention a few of the new features in xC2 that make it worthwhile.

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Talk about busy times. You probably saw Guy's blog entry on the redbook we are working on. It is still early in the redbook but it is very promising. One thing I'm working on is describing the tasks and sensors. If you have any ideas on how these could be used, let me know. I've already gathered great information on it and I am excited about the possibilities.

Talking about redbooks, have you seen the latest two redbooks:

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I was reading recently that scripting languages are becoming more and more popular. One of the benefits listed was that it can increase productivity significantly. That brings me back a long time when I used to argue that you could write a solution in APL so much faster than any of the traditional languages...

PHP is a popular scripting language that is used to create web solutions. Here are some information if you want or need to use it with IDS.

To use IDS with PHP, you need to add the PDO_INFORMIX interface to it. tis interface can be found in PECL:

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MediaWiki with IDS (courtesy of Jacques Roy)

This is a very quick post, just to reference a blog article by old time IDS guru Jacques Roy.
Jacques Roy has years of experience with IDS, in particular in extensibility and he writes a blog.

In one of his articles he tells us that he manage to run MediaWiki with IDS 11.50.

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IDS on the web - part 2

Continuing from the last entry...

Out of these 197,000 entries, here are some more that may be of interest: