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Compliance: Role Separation and Audit (part II)

On the first article about auditing, I tried to show how to configure an Informix Dynamic Server instance to use role separation. The purpose was to prepare the instance for implementation of the various roles involved in the management and audit of the instance.
In this article I will focus on the audit process. We will see how to setup the audit facility and how to define what and who is audited.

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Cheetah 2 is Released


2 is Released

By now you probably have heard about the release of IDS 11.50 (Cheetah
2).  The release was announced at the recent IIUG user
which was held in Lenexa, Kansas  on April 28 - April 30.
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Workshop IDS 11.50 (Lisbon 26-28 May)

As the title suggests this post refers to a workshop that will be held in Lisbon on May 26-28 about IDS 11.50 (Cheetah 2).
As this will be a local Workshop the rest of the post will be in Portuguese. Information about other locations can be seen at the IIUG site

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Certification: Test your knowledge for free...

Just a very quick post to echo an IIUG announcement. If you're a member of IIUG you can do an Informix V11 certification preparation test. This will be a test similar to what you'll find if you want to do the 918 exam, which will allow you to be certified on Informix.

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Compliance: Role Separation and Audit (part I)

Depending on your geography and your business, you are probably at least well aware of the current government, legal and privacy regulations.

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Fix Central: A central place to get your Informix fixes

In this article I'll cover one of the sites that IBM uses to improve it's interaction with customers. As many Informix customers know, traditionally we would only have access to the normal releases.
Theese would be like IDS 10.00.FC8, or CSDK 3.00.TC1 etc.

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Cheetah 2: The cat is out for it's second open beta...

As the title suggests, IBM has just made available the IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11.50 (codenamed Cheetah 2) for anyone wanting to test it. It's the second open beta of an IDS version (the first happened last year with 11.10 - Cheetah).

The process is a little bit more complex than the previous beta. This time you have to send and email requesting access. The system will provide you with an access code and you'll receive a copy of Carlton Doe's book on IDS 11.

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Informix user authentication: PAM for the rescue (part 2)

I hope you had the chance to read and eventually follow part one of these series of articles related to IDS authentication using PAM. If you did, you already know the basics of PAM and how to setup IDS to authenticate against an LDAP or Active Directory server.
But there are still several topics we need to cover to fully understand IDS PAM authentication:

  • Challenge/response and implicit (no password) connections

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Running MACH11 on a single machine

MACH11 on a single server

size="+1">Setting up MACH11 on a
Single Server

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ILO - Special offer from IIUG

The Informix International Users Group ( IIUG ) has just announced in it's January 2008 Insider publication an offer that will allow you to experiment the new IBM training offer: Instructor Led Online (ILO)