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An Always-On HDR

An Always-On HDR

An Always-On HDR
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Catching and Cleaning

Catching and Cleaning a Grouper

Getting Info about the Grouper

Now that we know about the grouper in general, let's look at how we can get specific information about what it's doing.

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IDS 11 Developer Edition: Available

IDS 11 Developer Edition is already available for download from:

Choose "Informix Dynamic Server Enterprise Edition Trials" and then choose the right download for your needs.
This version has no time limit. Only a few restrictions like maximum storage, memory and sessions. At the time of writing the file sizes are wrong (expressed in KB and not in MB) and there are possibly a few ports still unavailable.


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Fishing Arround



Grouper Threads

Phases of the
Grouper Evaluator

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Evento com Informix 11: 14 de Novembro no IBM Forum Lisboa

As you may have noticed in the post title, this article will not be written in English due to it's local nature. It's about an IDS 11 event that IBM will promote in Lisbon.

A IBM Portugal está a organizar um evento sobre Information Management a realizar no próximo dia 14 de Novembro no IBM Forum Lisboa. Este evento contará entre outras sessões com uma inteiramente dedicada à versão 11 do IBM Informix Dynamic Server lançado (como 'Cheetah') em Julho passado.

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New Informix related software

IBM took the opportunity of having lots of customers and partners in the Information On Demand (IOD) conference in Las Vegas to make some important software announcements related to Informix:

  • IDS 11 Developer Edition
    This will be an IDS release, oriented for software developers and with a few limitations.
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Informix user authentication: PAM for the rescue (part 1)

Traditionally IDS authentication relyied only on the base OS. This approach has a few advantages, like simplicity and security, but currently can be considered too limited.

In todays environment most customers prefer to have a centralized user management facility, normally an LDAP server or an Active Directory server.

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Monitoring the Queue

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the Queue

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Sizing the Queue


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MACH the Knife


The MACH11 Cluster