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IBM Informix Technologie Tag

IBM veranstaltet am Dienstag, den 5.5.2015 in München einen Informix Technologie Tag, bei dem die Gelegenheit besteht sich über neue Entwicklungen zu Informix und Best Practices für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von Informix zu informieren. Zu den Referenten der Vorträge gehören u.a. bekannte Support-Mitarbeiter wie etwa Holger Kirstein, Andreas Dworsky und Andreas Legner. Darüber hinaus besteht auch die Möglichkeit des Erfahrungsaustauschs mit weiteren IBM Mitarbeitern u.a. aus den Bereichen Entwicklung und Services.

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Are your statistics (distributions) are really up to date ? - PART III

Part I an d Part II discussed the behavior of UST MEDIUM/HIGH on "normal"

or non-/un-fragmented/-partitioned tables.

This Part shows how it works on on fragmented/partitioned tables.

First I generate a fragmented/partitioned table with 3 partitions

and load some test data into it.


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Watson Hackathon in NYC May 4-5

IBM Watson is hosting a forum for innovative thinkers, developers, innovators who are at the forefront of building, developing and using the cognitive technologies that are extending human expertise.

Join us at this premiere event and spend two days hacking cognitive apps that transform the human experience with the newest IBM Watson technologies and the world’s most forward-thinking cognitive experts.

Register Here for the Watson Hackathon

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leolo Mastermind Data Konferenz 2015

leolo startet die zweite Auflage seiner Mastermind DATA Konferenz wieder mit Top-Speakern, Top-Themen und internationalem Publikum.

leolo verzichtet auch in diesem Jahr auf eine Teilnehmergebühr. Interessenten melden sich per Email unter an.

Informix Warehouse Accelerator: New in 12.10.FC5

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Space Apps Challenge in NYC (April 11-12)

We have an exciting weekend coming up in NYC.  It is time for the NYC Space Apps Challenge!  IBM is a sponsor of this event in NYC and a supporter worldwide.  This event fits directly into our wheelhouse of focusing on developers and start-ups in NYC and around the world.

What is the Space Apps Challenge

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Informix Newsletter März 2015

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe:

Temporary tables

Again, this is another blog post about nothing new at all but an attempt to put down my understanding of temporary tables down in a way that will help me when I refer back to it and hopefully be of more wider use.

When looking at things like this a test system is always essential for checking things and finding some surprising results. If you don’t have one you can soon set one up with VMWare or Virtual Box and a copy of Informix Developer Edition. For this post I am going to set up a simple test instance with four specific dbspaces:

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Are your statistics (distributions) are really up to date ? - PART II

So what we know in Part I  is that "Statistics updated." does not always mean that your statistics are up to date.
Sometimes it means: "Statistics are up to date and not changed - STATLEVEL threshold is not reached".

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Are your statistics (distributions) are really up to date ? - PART I

or: Some more Secrets of "UPDATE STATISTICS"...

Did you sometimes wonder why a "UPDATE STATISTICS" Statement
is so faster in newer Informix version on greater tables ?

Or you wonder why the query is not faster after executed some
"update statistics medium/high" statements ?