Archive - Mar 16, 2010


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Informix Strategy Update

Bruce Weed, who is responsible for leading the strategic direction for the Informix business at IBM, has posted a new update to his blog.

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Multifarious Cogitations

You maybe be wondering, where the heck did this guy disappear to, maybe he crashed while snowboarding.  The truth is I have been heads down, getting all of the details in order for the kick off of our “Discover the new face of Informix” road show.  Although this road show will be worldwide starting in April, the first event is happening tomorrow (3/16/10) in NYC at 590 Madison Ave.  And yes, if you have not signed up yet, you can still come to the event and get checked in at the door.

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Informix makes a presence in Milwaukee

Hello! I attended the SIGCSE '10 conference in Milwaukee on March 9 - 13.

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Informix visits UMKC!

Going to the UMKC campus was a refreshing and reinvigorating experience - it brought back memories of the fun days of our college life, especially relating to *some* students dozing during a lecture :)