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December 28th

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NoSQL Nirvana... A Wish List.

The feature demands for NoSQL databases are increasing, many of it to catch up or merge the ones already in RDBMS. Here's the holiday wish list for a NoSQL Nirvana database.


December 23rd

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Ordix News 04/2013 mit Informix auf ARM

(german content)

Ordix News 04/2013

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Informix Newsletter Dezember 2013

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe:

December 19th

Hybrid App Development with Informix JSON Listener

My experience with the Informix JSON Listener and Mongo PHP driver for app development was not what I expected. It was in fact easier and more pleasant than I thought it would be. I had some experience with traditional relational databases before my internship, but only here at IBM Lenexa did I use Informix for the first time. When first assigned to work on a project that used both SQL and NoSQL technologies simultaneously, it seemed daunting. I had no idea how NoSQL worked, let alone combine it with regular SQL queries.

December 18th

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Informix NoSQL: hybrid storage and access details.

On December 17th, John MIller talked about Informix NoSQL hybrid storage.  

The presentation and audio will soon be posted at:

December 17th

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IIUG2014 Conference Update

I posted this on the IDS SIG yesterday. Here is it again in case you missed it and are interested.
The IIUG2014 CPC met at the JW Marriott in Miami, FL this weekend to prepare for the 2014 conference. I thought I would give an update on where we are at and pass along my experience with the city and hotel since this will be a new location for a lot of us in April.

December 16th

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Hybrid applications with Informix NoSQL.

Applications generally look for NoSQL database for one of the following reasons:

December 9th

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Informix in mobile related searches / Informix em pesquisas relacionadas com mobile

This article is written in English and Portuguese (original version here)
Este artigo está escrito em Inglês e Português (versão original aqui)

English version

November 12th

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Everyone is invited to attend our next Webcast on Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 2PM 

November 11th

Monitoring virtual segment usage and the CPU VP caches

A little while ago I was forced to look into detail into the memory usage of one of the production instances I look after. Specifically the problem was that the instance was allocating extra virtual segments to itself (via the SHMADD process) but it was a surprise because memory usage on this instance was being monitored and it clearly showed that memory usage was normal and well below the initial segment size.