Fresh Informix Success Stories

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Several new Informix success stories have been published. Below you'll find an expert of those stories.

The interesting thing I noticed is that almost all of these customer references are based on the combination of Informix and Unix operating system, particulary Linux. I didn't detect a single one covering Windows or MAC.

What does this tell us ?

From my point of view it demonstrates that Informix and Linux are a perfect combination. A combination that has the potential for huge cost savings while providing an extremely reliable and scalable environment. Informix on MAC ? Forget it ! This will never become a noticeable market, not even a niche. Informix on Windows ? Yes, there are customers running this combination. However I believe that this is only a small percentage (8-12%) of the overall Informix installations.

I believe that focusing on the Windows and MAC platform with the Informix Choice Edition will not help Informix much. It would be much much more beneficial if the Informix Choice Edition would be available for the Linux platform as well.

The other thing I noticed is that several customers in the referenced success stories talk about the cost and technical advantages of Informix in comparision to Oracle. Yes, the main competition for Informix is Oracle not Microsoft SQL Server. This corresponds to my own experience as well as the experience of other long term Informix consultants. So this is the market that IBM needs to address with Informix.

IBM likes to talk about the technology exchange between Informix and DB2 and vice versa. How both products benefit from this exchange. So the question that comes to my mind is:

When will we see the Oracle PL/SQL compatibility layer ported from DB2 to Informix ?

IBM, please think about it ! It doesn't make sense to press Informix in a niche (Windows, MAC, MS SQL Server...) when it is able to compete much better in another part of the market (Unix, Linux, Oracle).

Here are is an excerpt of the new Informix success stories:

"Thanks to IBM Informix Dynamic Server, the daily transaction size for TCH increased from 15,000 cases to 100,000 cases. Additionally, we could save the hundreds of thousands of dollars we would have needed to license Oracle database manager."

—Steven Copp, Head Manager, System and Database, Transportation Clearing House

Sucess Story: Transportation Clearing House

"Informix has a very effective duplication methodology, enabling us to do the job with no problem even if some of the servers are placed offline for maintenance or repair purposes."

-David Rodriguez, Software developer, IFCA

Success Story: IFCA

"IBM Informix 11.5 with Continuous Availability is giving us significant performance improvements over our old environment."

-Antje Janke, Database Systems Executive, tubIT

Success Story: TU Berlin

"IBM, after acquiring the database business branch, has continued to produce Informix DataBlade versions that are superior technologically and functionally to the previous generation models, showing its willingness to actively support Informix customers."

Ian Barrodale, President, Barrodale Computing Services, Ltd

Success Story: Barrodale Computing Services

"From our start in 1996, we chose Informix 4GL to develop our software applications and quickly realized that Informix offered a robust database, with superior performance and better stability than Oracle or SQL Server."

-Clodoaldo Baitz, Director of Technology and Implementation, Dia System

Success Story: Dia System

"Oracle’s price structure in the long term generates a lot more cost than IBM Informix."

-Frank LoScalzo, Founder and President, Mortgage Contracting Services

Success Story: Mortage Contracting Services

"The savings and improved efficiencies we’re achieving through Omnix and IBM have, from my perspective, put this company in a front runner position in the transport management industry."

-Paul Casotti, Managing Director, Unique Express

Success Story: Unique Express