Informix around the world - part 2

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In March, I found myself in "Dear ole Blighty" - yes - England. I was on a visit with Informix customers and partners in London/Leeds sharing the Informix roadmap. Stability, availability and OLTP performance stood out as "core" for operations. No surprise there. To give you an idea of the data rates/volumes that some of these customers need to deal with, how about 2500 transactions per minute online (a transaction could range from a few SQL statements to several hundred) or 12,000 transactions per minute from retail shops during peak season. Disaster recovery was key to some of these customers and they readily took advantage of the Remote Standalone Secondary (RSS) capability to provide geographically dispersed DR. Understanding and knowing that Informix will continue to invest in these strengths as part of the roadmap was very important to these customers. Further, as most of these customers are trying to design better analytics and insights and become more "customer-focused" as opposed to being purely "transaction-focused", they highly appreciated the Informix Warehouse Accelerator and the technology behind it. 

Rajesh Nair 
Informix Product Manager