Informix Warehouse Accelerator: New in 12.10.FC5

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imageThe information provided applies to Informix Server and IWA Version 12.10.FC5 and newer.

Since 26th March 2015 Version 12.10.xC5 of the Informix server is electronically available (so-called eGA). The free Developer or Time Limited Edition can be downloaded here.

This new version also contains a few enhancements for the Informix Warehouse Accelerator. Following is a brief description of each of these new enhancements:

  • UNITS operator for MONTH and YEAR

    IWA now supports the UNITS operator for MONTH and YEAR. A common situation where this is useful is in date or datetime arithmetics like the following example:

    SELECT lead_time + 5 UNITS DAY FROM manufact;

  • Default UNITS DAY

    An Informix specialty is that a date arithmetic argument defaults to the unit of days when the UNITS operator is omitted. This is now also supported by IWA. With that, the following query is equivalent to the example query shown above:

    SELECT lead_time + 5 FROM manufact;

  • Support for function SQRT

    The math function SQRT is now supported. It returns the positive square root of its argument, which must be a non-negative numeric expression. Example:

    SELECT SQRT(9) FROM angles;

  • Operators CURRENT and SYSDATE

    The CURRENT operator returns a DATETIME value with the date and time of day, showing the current instant. SYSDATE is identical to the CURRENT operator, except that the default precision of SYSDATE is YEAR TO FRACTION(5), while the default precision of CURRENT is YEAR TO FRACTION(3). Example:

    SELECT * FROM tab1 WHERE datetime_column < CURRENT;

  • New command "ondwa listmarts"

    "listmarts" is a new command for the "ondwa" utility which is run by the IWA administrator in the environment of IWA. It shows information about existing data marts in the accelerators. Example:

    $ ondwa listmarts
    Found 4 marts:
    mart="cq_sqrt", martid="151", accelerator="IDS.dwa1", state="ACTIVE", epoch="1", lastload="2014-12-08 11:23:16.788831"
    mart="iwadb_mart1", martid="152", accelerator="IDS.dwa1", state="ACTIVE", epoch="3", lastload="2015-01-09 17:44:40.822332", lastupdate="2015-01-13 16:43:49.048554"
    mart="iwadb_mart2", martid="153", accelerator="IDS.dwa1", state="LOAD PENDING", epoch="0"
    mart="iwadb_mart2", martid="154", accelerator="IDS.dwa2", state="LOAD PENDING", epoch="0"

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