Informix Warehouse Accelerator: New Informix Server on POWER8 LE Linux

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The information provided applies to Informix Server and IWA Version 12.10.FC6 and newer.

The new release of Informix Server 12.10.FC6 (GA in November 2015) now offers support on the POWER8 Little Endian Linux platform. While this mainly concerns the Informix database server, the good news regarding the Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) is: This new Informix database server running on POWER8 LE Linux also supports connection to and query acceleration with IWA. As always, IWA runs on the Intel 64-bit Linux platform.


Recently I found this new video on youtube. It nicley demonstrates how easy and quick the installation of IWA is. Check it out.


Blog Content/Topics List