Informix Warehouse Accelerator: Proof of Technology

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Icon: IWA Logo TruckThe information provided applies to the Informix Server Version 11.70.xC4
and later.

Thanks to a new IBM Proof of Technology (PoT) it is now possible to
experience the acceleration capabilities of the Informix Warehouse
Accelerator first hand. This IBM PoT was developed recently by Carlton
Doe, well known in the Informix community for his invaluable books on
Informix Administration (e.g. on

) or his comparison of Informix Version 11 editions on

For more information on this new IBM PoT for the Informix Warehouse
Accelerator, as well as the general concept of an IBM PoT, please read
the flyer (PDF file). It also
describes, how this PoT could be scheduled as a one day event.

Please contact your IBM Software Sales Representative for more
information, availability and possible scheduling.

Last, but not least: This session is offered free of

(However, participants are responsible for their own travel expenses.)