Ugh. Thanks for the Bad News, Kernoal

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Kernoal Stevens commented on another blog post that in the later versions of Innovator-C not only do we have the new 1 core limit, but Innovator-C will no longer support ER or HDR.

What a bummer, here is the README from the Innovator-C download page that confirms this new limitation:

Changes to Replication in Informix 11.70.xC5 Innovator-C edition

For 11.70.xC5, Informix Innovator-C edition no longer supports Enterprise Replication (ER) or High-availability data replication (HDR). If you were using replication in an older version of Innovator-C, you must disable replication after upgrading to 11.70.xC5.

If you want to continue using replication in Informix 11.70.xC5, you can purchase the Choice, Growth or Ultimate edition.

Removing Enterprise Replication

If Enterprise Replication was defined for the previous version of the server, remove replication by running the following command:

cdr delete server --force

Removing HDR

If High-availability data replication was defined for the previous version of the server, convert the server to a standard server by running the following command:

onmode -d standard

This just makes me sad. I understand that IBM needs to make a profit and to do that they can't be giving away everything for free. I get that, I really do, but HDR was the kind of feature that made Innovator-C stand out when compared to other free RDBMS options and now it is gone. Oh well, thanks for the free parking while it lasted.

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